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CSBK Rd 1 & 2 (Shannonville) - Honda CBR250 race report

posted Jun 22, 2012, 2:59 PM by Statoni Racing   [ updated Aug 11, 2012, 5:37 AM ]

Friday practice: Stacey finished in 2nd position in the first session on the Powersports Canada (Ottawa) CBR250, going faster than she had done on the Shannonville pro track to date. In the second and final session of the day Stacey lead up until the last laps improving her time by a second and setting her best time on her final lap by herself. The rest of the field also improved their times.

  1. Tomas Casas Peterborough, ON 1:23.708
  2. Stacey Nesbitt St-Lazare, QC 1:24.008
  3. Costa Mouzouris Montreal, QC 1:24.780
  4. Sean Smith Calgary, AB 1:25.216
  5. David Booth Toronto, ON 1:25.317
  6. Neil Graham Toronto, ON 1:25.570
  7. Derreck Roemer Toronto, ON 1:28.111
  8. Alex Cookes Toronto, ON 1:34.882

Qualifying: It was a close battle initially between Stacey and Thomas Casas for pole for the first half of the session. Shawn Smith and Ryan Roache then got into the mix poushing Stacey down to fourth. Ryan put in a very fast time on his final lap tp dip below 1m22s. That left Stacey 1.4s off pole but still with a front row grid position.

Race 1: Stacey took the lead into turn one setting a fast pace. Ryan and Thomas were right on her tail. The three managed to open a gap on the rest of the field. Ryan made a pass for the lead but Stacey took it back with a draft pass at the end of the straight. Ryan made another move for the lead on turn two with Stacey running a little wide allowing Thomas through to 2nd. Stacey mananged a 1:21.9 on he third lap and the three ran nose to tail for the next few laps. Stacey lost the draft to Thomas and Ryan and the managed to open a gap have a great battle for the lead. Ryan eventually passed Thomas to take the win with Stacey coming in a safe 3rd not far behind. So a podium is a great way to start the session. Thanks to Pwoersports Canada (Ottawa), Forensi-Tech racing, R&M Electrical, Arlen Ness, Pro 6 Cycle, VnM sports gear. Stacey finished the day with a run out on the 600 in the RACE regional middlewight class. Having to start at the back of the grid having missed all the practice sessions, Stacey moved up to eventually finish 6th improving her previous best lap time by nearly two seconds.

  1. Ryan Roche
  2. Tomas Casas
  3. Stacey Nesbitt
  4. Costa Mouzouris
  5. David Booth
  6. Neil Graham
  7. Sean Smith
  8. Derreck Roemer
  9. Alex Cookes
Race 2: Stacey got the holeshot again leading the first lap. The top three pulled an immediate gap in the first lap. Ryan and Thomas got by Stacey and again it was difficult holding the draft in third. The pace was hot at the front and unfortunately Thomas crashed out relatively unhurt on the last lap while setting up a challenge for the lead. Congratulations to Ryan on the double this weekend. Some work to do to close the gap at the next round but two podiums it is not a bad start to the 2012 championship.
  1. Ryan Roche
  2. Stacey Nesbitt
  3. Costa Mouzouris
  4. Neil Graham
  5. Sean Smith
  6. Derreck Roemer
  7. Alex Cookes
  • DNF Tomas Casas
  • DNF 6 David Booth

Next round is at Autodrome St-Eustache, July 6-8 so come on out a see some great racing in all the classes