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CSBK Rd 1 report - Calabogie Motorsports Park

posted Jul 1, 2015, 5:33 AM by Statoni Racing   [ updated Jul 1, 2015, 7:31 AM ]
Friday practice: It rained all day Friday and with the forecast for sunny weather it was decided to sit out the practice sessions.

Saturday practice and qualifying: Stacey was struggling to get on the pace which was not helped when she had a high speed low side ended the Superbike p2 morning session. Fortunately Stacey escaped injury free with a few bumps and bruises but the Honda CBR600RR did not fair as well. The front forks, front wheel, triple clamp and body work were not salvageable. The crew worked hard taking the parts from the b bike but it was late on Saturday evening before the bike was finished. That meant missing Pro Sportbike and Pro Superbike qualifying and more importantly valuable track time so she would be starting the races from the back of the grid. A huge thank you to my cew, Pat and Grant, for getting the bike rebuilt to be able to make the race grid

Sunday races: The weather was bright and sunny and the morning practice went ok. The b bike forks are older and did not give the same feel but Stacey was able to match her times from Saturday morning. In the Pro Sportbike race Stacey had a race long battle for 9th place which is where she crossed the finish line. In the Superbike race she had another race long battle for 13th and finished the race in 14th position. Points on the board and move on to round two.

The other good news is the wrist injury, although not 100% healed, did not present any problems although it was a little sore Sunday evening. 

Thank you to the following for support for this round: Statoni Racing, OCM Racing, Honda Canada, FTR, R&M Electrical.
Product support from: Powersports Canada, Arai Helmets, SpeedAngle, 613 Motorsports, Club Ouest Gym, Lucky Stripe, Entreprises Marty

Round 1 Calabogie Motorsports Park, Calabogie, Ontario, 5.05 km / 3.05 miles

June 14, 2015

Hindle Exhaust Pro Sport Bike Race Results

PosNo.NameHometownMakeModel/EngineLapsBest TmIn LapTotal TmDiffGapComment
120Jodi ChristieKeene, ONHondaCBR600RR102:05.055321:06.521   
21Kenny RiedmannBelfountain, ONTriumph675102:05.928821:09.1462.6252.625 
318Philippe MasseSt-Hyacinthe, QCKawasakiZX-6R102:05.950821:09.3962.8750.250 
4229Darren JamesDeep Cove, BCYamahaYZF-R6102:06.034821:09.4312.9100.035 
553Elie DaccacheNewcastle, ONYamahaYZF-R6102:06.507221:15.3478.8265.916 
676Louie RaffaSte-Marthe, QCHondaCBR600RR102:08.943721:34.49127.97019.144 
746Tomas CasasPeterborough, ONYamahaYZF-R6102:08.719621:35.96629.4451.475 
8711Franklyn DominguezMontreal, QCYamahaYZF-R6102:08.839721:36.41929.8980.453 
9316Stacey NesbittSt-Lazare, QCHondaCBR600RR102:12.316322:12.7491:06.22836.330 
1017Caleb NoilesUpper Cloverdale, NBHondaCBR600RR102:12.9891022:13.1151:06.5940.366 
11314Hugo FournierL'Islet, QCYamahaYZF-R6102:13.260222:27.2601:20.73914.145 
DNF47Will HornblowerSarnia, ONYamahaYZF-R662:08.191312:54.017DNF

Mopar Pro Superbike Race Results

PosNo.NameHometownMakeModel/EngineLapsBest TmIn LapTotal TmDiffGap
1101Jordan SzokeLynden, ONBMWS1000RR142:00.833328:22.125  
21Jodi ChristieKeene, ONHondaCBR1000RR142:00.952428:22.3800.2550.255
324Sebastien TremblayLongueuil, QCKawasakiZX-10R142:03.573329:03.47541.35041.095
474Michael LeonBeaconsfield, QCBMWS1000RR142:03.262329:09.05746.9325.582
5777Sean HuffmanKemptville, ONBMWS1000RR142:03.760229:12.67650.5513.619
642Kenny RiedmannBelfountain, ONKawasakiZX-10R142:05.085429:24.0131:01.88811.337
739Ross MillsonHamilton, ONSuzukiGSX-R1000142:05.071229:24.6061:02.4810.593
8171Jim ProulxOttawa, ONYamahaYZF-R1142:05.413629:24.8691:02.7440.263
9265Murray-AudainScarborough, ONBMWS1000RR142:05.890829:34.1051:11.9809.236
10711Franklyn DominguezMontreal, QCKawasakiZX-10R142:06.380230:05.0331:42.90830.928
1146Tomas CasasPeterborough, ONYamahaYZF-R6142:08.872530:19.3941:57.26914.361
12116Trevor DaleyMississauga, ONSuzukiGSX-R1000132:05.076428:24.5721 Lap1 Lap
13113Reiner GrieseWellington, ONBMWS1000RR132:12.3631328:55.4391 Lap30.867
14316Stacey NesbittSt-Lazare, QCHondaCBR600RR132:13.318628:56.6061 Lap1.167
DNF19Tim RobinsonGatineau, QCBMWS1000RR112:04.977422:56.509DNF 
DNF87Stephane HouleGatineau, QCKawasakiZX-10R72:05.378314:41.013DNF 
DNF71Kristopher GarvieCaledon, ONHondaCBR1000RR42:04.42948:16.919DNF 
DNF99Dean PlaterCumberland, ONHondaCBR1000RR32:17.40427:01.187DNF 
DNS17Caleb NoilesUpper Cloverdale, NBHondaCBR600RR  0 DNS 
DNS18Philippe MasseSt-Hyacinthe, QCKawasakiZX-6R  0 DNS 
DNS47Will HornblowerSarnia, ONYamahaYZF-R6  0 DNS 
DNS53Elie DaccacheNewcastle, ONYamahaYZF-R6  0 DNS 
DNS76Louie RaffaSte-Marthe, QCHondaCBR600RR  0 DNS 
DNS96Ricky ParkerGrand Cane, LOYamahaYFF-R1  0 DNS 
DNS314Hugo FournierL'Islet, QCYamahaYZF-R6  0 DNS