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CSBK Rd 4 race report

posted Jul 12, 2015, 10:05 PM by Statoni Racing   [ updated Jul 13, 2015, 6:29 AM ]
All in all it was a good weekend. In Pro Sportbike, Stacey moved up to 7th off the line. It was a close battle until a missed shift into turn one caused Stacey to run wide brushing the air fence and being clipped by the following racer. This dropped her to 9th where she fought back to close the gap in what became a five way battle for fifth. She improved her lap time again by over a second to record a 1:23.047, her fastest lap of the weekend. She crossed the line in 8th.

Another good start in Superbike saw Stacey move up to 11th. With a few crashes up front she eventually finished in 10th place.

Round 4 Castrol Raceway, Edmonton, Alberta, 2.7 km / 1.69 miles

July 12, 2015

Hindle Exhaust Pro Sport Bike Race 2 Results

PosNo.NameHometownMakeModel/EngineLapsBest TmIn LapTotal TmDiffGapComment
11Kenny RiedmannBelfountain, ONTriumph675141:20.343319:47.933   
220Jodi ChristieKeene, ONHondaCBR600RR141:20.816319:50.6722.7392.739 
346Tomas CasasPeterborough, ONYamahaYZF-R6141:21.571420:07.88419.95117.212 
433Mike YurkoStrathmore, ABYamahaYZF-R6141:22.859320:26.49338.56018.609 
518Rob DarlingtonCalgary, ABYamahaYZF-R6141:22.888320:27.10939.1760.616 
688Brian WorsdallEdmonton, ABHondaCBR600RR141:22.963420:27.58139.6480.472 
76Jonathon BulleeEdmonton, ABHondaCBR600RR141:22.839520:30.49042.5572.909 
8316Stacey NesbittSt-Lazare, QCHondaCBR600RR141:23.047420:33.94846.0153.458 
92Trevor BernhardtDeWinton, ABKawasakiZX-6R141:23.8491120:43.27255.3399.324 
1057Spero BeniasVancouver, BCSuzukiGSX-R600141:23.562720:43.67355.7400.401 
11229Darren JamesNorth Vancouver, BCYamahaYZF-R6141:21.366420:54.9561:07.02311.283 
1256Robert GuyFort McMurray, ABSuzukiGSX-R600141:24.589420:58.6871:10.7543.731 
1314Darryl McGaviganEdmonton, ABSuzukiGSX-R600131:26.332819:56.1521 Lap1 Lap 
1435Shane FraserEdmonton, ABYamahaYZF-R6131:26.132420:18.8801 Lap22.728 
1576Louie RaffaSte-Marthe, QCHondaCBR600RR131:22.680720:30.4981 Lap11.618 
DNS8Neil CarlsonEdmonton, ABKawasakiZX-6R  0 DNS

Mopar Pro Superbike Race 2 Results

PosNo.NameHometownMakeModel/EngineLapsBest TmIn LapTotal TmDiffGapComment
1101Jordan SzokeLynden, ONBMWS1000RR161:18.273522:00.127   
242Kenny RiedmannBelfountain, ONKawasakiZX-10R161:18.325222:07.1246.9976.997 
3116Trevor DaleyMississauga, ONSuzukiGSX-R1000161:19.461722:17.41617.28910.292 
49Justin KnapikEdmnton, ABKawasakiZX-10R161:19.707222:23.50423.3776.088 
53Mike ZottmannCalgary, ABKawasakiZX-10R161:20.193222:23.88123.7540.377 
624Sebastien TremblayMirabell, QCKawasakiZX-10R161:19.913622:24.20524.0780.324 
790Shane CaravanEdmonton, ABYamahaYZF-R1161:20.279622:29.87329.7465.668 
8111Bez CajeeMission, BCSuzukiGSX-R1000161:21.671123:05.1141:04.98735.241 
946Tomas CasasPeterborough, ONYamahaYZF-R6161:22.772723:14.8211:14.6949.707 
10316Stacey NesbittSt-Lazare, QCHondaCBR600RR161:23.307723:42.4431:42.31627.622 
1131John CrumpBragg Creek, ABSuzukiGSX-R1000151:23.612722:01.7661 Lap1 Lap 
1257Spero BeniasVancouver, BCSuzukiGSX-R600151:24.324522:08.7111 Lap6.945 
13114Ken LaLondeMaple Ridge, BCSuzukiGSX-R1000151:24.249422:09.4041 Lap0.693 
14113Reiner GrieseWellington, ONBMWS1000RR151:26.167522:42.6651 Lap33.261 
1545Ernie McCaffertyLeduc County, ABYamahaYZF-R1151:26.335522:46.0611 Lap3.396 
1611Colin LolachierChestermere, ABBMWS1000RR141:26.769122:37.1372 Laps1 Lap 
171Jodi ChristieKeene, ONHondaCBR1000RR141:19.027223:14.6282 Laps37.491 
DNF911Ian WallEdmonton, ABSuzukiGSX-R100071:20.613710:19.460DNF  
DNF74Michael LeonBeaconsfield, QCBMWS1000RR  047.487DNF  
DNF39Ross MillsonHamilton, ONSuzukiGSX-R1000  01:33.408DNF  
DNS76Louie RaffaSte-Marthe, QCHondaCBR600RR  0 DNS  
DNS229Darren JamesNorth Vancouver, BCYamahaYZF-R6  0 DNS

Thank you to Pat Milligan for all the prep work prior to and during the Edmonton event, Devin Edie for supplying canopies, tools and being extended crew for the weekend, Michael Leon for bike and equipment transportation, Riedmann Management for helping with logistics, Barry at Enterprise for car rental support, Darcey Shaw of Alsport Sales Ltd. for support, Mike Raniowski of Take Mike For Granite for support and Jon Cornwell for bike set up.

Support for this round: Statoni Racing, FTR, Riedmann Management, Alsport Sales Ltd., Take Mike For Granite
Product support: Powersports Canada, Arai Helmets, SpeedAngle, Enterprise
Thanks to Michael Leon, Devin Edie, Jon Cornwell