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Fund raising for final round wildcard entry for Asia Dream Cup in Qatar in Nov

posted Oct 11, 2012, 2:43 PM by Statoni Racing   [ updated Nov 23, 2012, 9:28 AM ]
As of 23 Nov we are approx. 97% raised.
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Thanks to everyone that has contributed so far. We were asked if we could show the progression of the fund raising so we came up with this chart. It will be updated on the facebook page as it changes. Estimate is around $5,300 (but will depend upon final flight costs which went up). Only a fews weeks left to get everything in place ........
Thanks to the following for their support;
D Aubry
O Nesbitt
K Gibson
J Deemer
M Gilmurray
S&G Harrison
D Booth
C Mouzouris
J-P Schroeder
N Graham
P Bastien
D & L Kuhn
R Kierstead
B Gahel
P Trahan
CMG Riders Club
G McRea
C Lynch
T Francks
J D'Mello
T Fletcher
M Duncan
M Hill
A Hayden & D Edie
B Wasef
V Giese
J & K Oskrdal
S & D Walker
M Pickard
M Derby
J Crossley
C & D McKiver
P Palmer
P Silva
W Bal
R Patel
J McCourt
M-J Boucher
D Dumulon
A Machin
V Nikolic
B Petroski
C Shaw
K McLoughlin
E Moffette
C Wells
VnM Sportgear
DMC Applications
D Shaw
B Black
G Cauley
G Marchand
G Gareau
S & R McSeveney
L Tani
A Dalton
N Julien
J Ciaralli
J-F Roumiga
E Vantalon
R Lee
J Laghmedi
P Couturier
M Elbaz
B Thomas
M Taberner
R Riedmann
J Bai