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Outstanding season ends with a win – CBR endurance race

posted Sep 26, 2011, 12:10 PM by Statoni Racing   [ updated Sep 26, 2011, 7:57 PM ]

It was a busy weekend for Stacey with the usual CBR125 races and making her 600 debut. On top of that there was a one hour CBR125 endurance race on the Nelson track. Stacey teamed up with AMA regular Ben Young forming the Celtic Imports. Gird positions were determined from the regular CBR riders lap times in the sprint race so Celtic Imports started 7th on the grid. The usual Le Mans style start saw Stacey doing the sprint to the bike and a great start saw her into the top three. Soon she was into second challenging the CRCA Hooligan’s ringer (who was on a 250 Ninja). The pressure was too much and the CRCA rider low sided out of the lead. Stacey had the lead against Eric Green when he red flag was brought out after five minutes when Kana Matsumoto tangled on the front straight and went down heavily. Fortunately she got to her feet a few minutes later and was able to walk back to the pits. She was later heard to comment “those CBR kids pass REALLY close, much closer than we do on the bigger bikes”. In this case it was too close!

The clock was still ticking and the restart was done using a regular grid format. Stacey was on pole for the Celtic Imports. Eric Green for Over The Bridge Racing was second and Thomas Casas gaining the most from the restart taking third on the grid for the Three Amigos. From the restart Stacey set the pace and Thomas followed closely. They both managed to make a break from a fierce three way battle for third. Thomas passed Stacey but he could not pull away. Coincidently both entered the pits for a rider change at half distance on the same lap. Celtic Imports had a slightly better change over and the battle continued wheel to wheel down pit lane in first gear with Ben getting on track in front (check out the 2 min mark on Elie's video link From then on he put his head down and pulled away at the front for a convincing win.

Pos No. Name Laps Total time Diff Best time In lap Best speed
1 316 Celtic Imports 42 1:00:07.498
1:08.237 29 130.311
2 141 Over The Bridge Racing 42 1:00:42.462 34.964 1:08.480 39 129.848
3 46 Los Three Amigos 42 1:00:55.545 48.047 1:08.455 41 129.896
4 33 Two Non-Blondes 42 1:00:56.087 48.589 1:08.148 39 130.481
5 91 Super Mucho Fantastico 41 1:00:42.815 1 Lap 1:08.435 41 129.934
6 46 Propulsion 40 1:00:09.294 2 Laps 1:09.674 10 127.623
7 212 Everybody Else Sucks 40 1:00:52.587 43.293 1:10.876 8 125.459
8 821 Goh Nuts 38 1:00:07.483 4 Laps 1:12.896 2 121.982
9 1 CRCA Hooligans 34 1:00:38.372 8 Laps 1:07.111 13 132.497