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R.A.C.E. CBR Cup Endurance race

posted Aug 16, 2011, 8:04 AM by Statoni Racing   [ updated Aug 22, 2011, 1:26 PM ]
It was decided to sit out the endurance race rather than put 90 minutes of hard riding on the bike a week before the final National at Mosport. However, thanks to the "Officials" team for bringing Stacey onboard. We think they wanted a ringer to help beat the Marshalls. What a fun race and hot pace. It was a great format for the regular CBR riders to race against the pros, the former having advantage of bike experience and the pros having race craft experience. But it was a level playing field. From the start, Thomas Casas (3 Amigos) was impressive against Mike Fererra (Super Mucho Fantastico) and Eric Green (Team YMCA). It was close racing through the first stint. Further back the Marshalls managed to pull ahead of the Officials but we figured it was mission accomplished just for Larry Tate to complete the Le Mans style start! The Officials amd Marshalls were the first to pit for rider changes as both had a four person team. Ellen took over for the Officials and rode well but the Marshalls still managed to extend their lead.
At the front, Franklyn Dominguez (3 Amigos) battled it out with Karolina Pelc (Super Mucho Fantastico). Karolina got by Franklyn and put in a spirited ride to just stay in front of the current Dominican Republic superbike champ. Not far behind Team YMCA was holding a close third. The spectators and riders in pit lane were having a great time cheering on their teams.
Third change saw Ken take over for the Officials. He had to make up nearly one lap and set about closing the gap on the Marshalls. He was gaining about 3 seconds per lap so at the final change over there was only half a lap between the rivals. At the final change over the Officals pulled out their "ringer" and Stacey set out after the Marshalls. Within a lap she had closed the gap and a lap later passed the Marshalls for 4th place, much to the delight on Larry, Ellen and Ken.
At the front the final change over took place. Jodi Christie (3 Amigos) took a healthy seven second lead (by CBR125 standards!) ahead on Ben Young (Team YMCA) and Brad Clarke (Super Mucho Fantastico). Ben put his head down and eventually closed the gap. Brad Clarke hung in and went forward with Ben. Now it was a three way battle again for the lead after 50 minutes of racing and three rider changes per team. Brad Clarke put was not prepared to be out done by the young guns and made his way past Ben for second. Their battle allowed Jodi to ease away at the front again. Ben was not going to give up the win so easily. He got by Brad and set after Jodi again setting the fastest lap of the race. By the time the chequered flag was thrown (race was reduced to 60 minutes) Ben was right on Jodi's back wheel and Brad right behind Ben. Another lap might have been a different result.
More importantly, the Officials beat the Marshalls !
Pos No. Name Laps Total time Diff Best time In lap
1 46 * Three Amigos 51 1:00:40.862
1:08.703 46
2 141 * Team YMCA 51 1:00:41.305 0.443 1:08.381 51
3 91 * Super Mucho Fantastic 51 1:00:42.107 1.245 1:08.660 50
4 197* THE OFFICIAL TEAM 46 1:00:47.039 5 Laps 1:09.465 43
5 821* CRCA Crusaders 42 1:00:04.407 9 Laps 1:13.916 15