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RACE Superseries Endurance race report, podium again for Stacey

posted Aug 31, 2010, 10:21 AM by Statoni Racing   [ updated Sep 12, 2010, 4:07 AM ]
Practice and Qualifying: took place on Friday morning. Team Giggity (Toni Nesbitt and Steve "Doc" Walker) and Team Chimmichurri (Stacey Nesbitt and Andrew Nelson) were two of eleven teams. Toni and Stacey took advantage of the good weather. Toni improved her previous lap time be over 4 seconds. Stacey improved her previous best by 6 seconds. She took advantage of some of the pro riders out in her practice session, in particular having a good dice with Franklyn Dominguez. That was fun to watch and both Stacey and Franklyn came into pit lane with big smiles on their faces. Qualifying times were based on both riders best times. Team Giggity qualifyed second, but a twist by the Race Director saw a reverse grid so they started from second last. Team Chimmichurri qualified 7th.
Race: The rules stated the junior CBR riders had to complete a minimum of 20 minutes and there had to be 3 pit stops. Being an endurance race, a Le Mans type start was used. So the junior riders lined up against pit line with one had on pit wall, while the pro rider held the race bike across the track. At the drop of the flag each rider had to run to their bikes, start it and go. Stacey actually got to her bike first, but some team mis-communication meant her key was switched off. By the time she got started she was in 10th place with only Toni behind. A bad start for both, but by half way through the first lap Stacey had moved up to 5th. The four leaders had already broken the field however. Over the next few laps Toni moved forward two places. The strategy for both teams was to ride two 15 minute sessions each. At the first change over Andrew and Doc took over. Andrew was able to move up one place to 4th passing Team Richmond #1 Green/Green. Doc was able to make up one spot to 9th. At the next change over Chimmichurri exited the pits down one place having been passed by Two Non Blondes Vignale/Daccache. Stacey put her head down and during her session managed to catch pass Leah just before the final change over. Toni kept her steady pace and managed to gain another position. After the change over Andrew exited the pit just in front of Elie. The two had a battle right to the flag. The race officials turned a blind eye to the antics on track, but it was all in good spirit. The position changed back and forth with Andrew always making the pass at Allen's corner. Chimmichurri crossed the line 0.113 seconds ahead to take the final podium position in third place. A subsequent pit lane infraction would see Team Two Non Blondes Vignale/Daccache pick up an additional 5 second penalty. Doc put in some fast lap times to pull Team Giggity up to 6th place at the finish.
This was the first time for an endurance race for the CBR125s and everyone agreed it was success. Next time it may be two hours which would be better. Well done to Shay Gauthier for winning and having "save of the day" and to Ryan McCormick for getting a new lap record. Small consolation for crashing out. Well done Stacey on your first RACE podium.
Pos No. Name Laps Total time Diff Best time In lap Best speed
1 422 ShayRaffa Gauthier/Raffa 24 58:07.848 2:19.295 9 104.153
2 25a Blondies Pilkington/Schouten 24 58:18.172 10.324 2:19.508 6 103.994
3 316 Chimmichurri S.Nesbitt/Nelson 24 59:22.236 1:14.388 2:20.724 24 103.095
4 33 Two Non Blondes Vignale/Daccache 24 59:27.349 1:19.501 2:19.990 20 103.636
5 91 Super Mucho Fantastico Pelc/Clarke 23 58:34.466 1 Lap 2:23.299 11 101.243
6 821 Giggity T.Nesbitt/Walker 23 58:47.936 13.470 2:22.282 23 101.967
7 71 Team Richmond #1 Green/Green 23 58:53.846 19.380 2:23.569 3 101.052
8 161 Uber Racing VanDongen/VanDongen 23 59:35.447 1:00.981 2:26.605 15 98.960
9 4 Bibendum Prospero/Lowe 23 59:44.784 1:10.318 2:24.510 10 100.394
10 29 Team Wallbangers Philp/Proulx 22 58:22.141 2 Laps 2:25.412 22 99.772
11 97 McMinguez McCormick/Dominguez 20 48:23.302 4 Laps 2:18.743 5 104.567


17:19 33- 5 sec penalty Pti Lane/ not in 1st gear 17:20 4- 5 sec penalty Pit Lane/ not in 1st gear 17:20 71 - 5 sec penalty/ Blend Line