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RACE Superseries Rd 6 - Shannonville, Ontario

posted Sep 26, 2010, 3:41 PM by Statoni Racing   [ updated Oct 11, 2010, 7:02 AM ]
Race: Starting from 3rd place on the front row, Stacey got a good start and headed into turn one in second behind Eric Green. Ryan McCormick moved to the front one lap later followed by Shay Gauther. Stacey was back to fourth having gotten past Eric but passed by Nicole. A good drive out of the hairpin on lap three saw her draft past Nicole Pilkington and using the double draft from Shay and Ryan had her back up on their back wheel at the end of the straight. Her effort was rewarded with a new lap record 1:28.975. She was only to hold it for one lap as Shay broke it on the next lap opening a small gap over Ryan and Stacey. The battle was on with Ryan and Stacey swapping positions. Going into the last lap Stacey moved up to second. It looked like she would secure her first RACE podium, but a final effort by Ryan on the inside at Allen's corner, two turns from the finish, saw him loose the front end and take himself and Stacey out of contention. A quick trip to the medical center for a check up and then off to the A&E for an X-Ray on her arm. Fortunately no broken bones but it will require some time to heal due to "greenstick" fractures.
Toni had a steady run to finish 6th ahead of Jennifer Lima in 7th position. Although she did not better her best lap time of the weekend, she did dip under 1:40 again and finished well clear of Jennifer.
Thanks to all the medical staff at Shannonville, Steve "Doc" Walker, Chris Chapelle and the corner workers. To Franklyn, Maivao and Robert for helping load up. Thanks to Nicole Pilkington for dedicating her second place to Stacey on the podium telling the spectators it was really her result. That meant a lot to Stacey.
Finally, tune in to The Rick Mercer Report in October to see his antics today as a sidecar monkey. Should be fun to watch. He actually did well in the the real race (fourth?) even if he won the mock race!
Pos No. Name Laps Total time Diff Best time In lap Best speed
1 422A Shay Gauthier 5 8:57.064 1:28.586 4 100.377
2 25 A Nicole Pilkington 5 9:01.107 4.043 1:29.330 4 99.541
3 141A Eric Green 5 9:01.885 4.821 1:30.170 4 98.614
4 91 A Karolina Pelc 5 9:09.637 12.573 1:31.282 2 97.412
5 31 P Frank Trombino 5 9:10.578 13.514 1:30.787 2 97.944
6 821A Toni Nesbitt 5 9:48.524 51.460 1:39.451 4 89.411
7 124A Jennifer Lima 5 10:05.317 1:08.253 1:41.761 2 87.381
8 97 A Ryan McCormick 4 7:29.782 1 Lap 1:29.830 3 98.987
9 316A Stacey Nesbitt 4 7:29.863 0.081 1:28.975 3 99.938