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Report: European Junior Cup Rd 1 & 2

posted Apr 23, 2016, 4:34 AM by Statoni Racing   [ updated Apr 23, 2016, 5:08 AM ]

Rd 1 - Aragon, Spain - April 1-3

FP1 was basically to learn the track. Gear shifting problems appeared that were not resolved all weekend (false neutrals and jumping out of gear). FP2 times improved by seven seconds to finish 26th. There are two sets of tires per weekend only. Everyone has to change at the same time - one new set for FP! and used for FP2. The second set for qualifying which are also used for the race. It was actually quite cool in Spain although the temperature rose for afternoon qualifying along with the wind. Had to be careful at a couple of turns as it was catching riders out. Improved another second in qualifying but shifting was not helping and ended the session 27th.

There is no warm up sessions for EJC so it was straight out for the race in the afternoon. At least the weather was warmer which helped. Got a good start in the race making up a few rows but got backed up in turn one - pretty notorious at Aragon.. It turned out to be a fairly lonely race and ended up crossing the line in 27th. Overall it was a fairly solid start. Although disappointed not to finish higher, it was the first race in six months, in a new series, on a new track, on a new bike (with shifter problems).No points in the overall EJC but was second in the Women's European Cup category. Flew back home to Canada on Monday to catch up on college work and sit exams.

Support for this round: Statoni Racing
Thanks to Statoni Racing and Jon Cornwell for bike set up. Also thank you to the EJC team (Gerry, Sol, Maria, Simon, Speedy, Sergi, Steve, including Honda Europe.and WilSports).

Rd 1 race result

Rd 2 - Aragon, Spain - April 15-17

Arrived in Holland Thursday morning after a redeye flight and then drove two hours to the track. Picked up our passes and then it was time for a track walk with fellow EJC competitors and Kyle Smith. Used the time Friday morning to prep the Honda CBR650F and try some changes to address the shifting problems (thank you Sergi and Speedy). There was also some fun at the Paddock Show EJC Meet 'n; Greet hosted by Michael Hill. The weather turned cold and wet for FP1. With a new set of wets on, the session ended after half a lap with a crash. There were lots of crashes in all sessions during the day. The rider a bit battered and bruised but ok and the bike was not too badly damaged. A big thank you to Peter Magowan and Nicole Lynch for helping repair the bike while the Canadian racers Stacey and Braedon Ortt patched up the body work. Thanks to everyone that offered help too. All was ready by 10pm. FP2 was wet but the track was drying. Happy enough to end up 23rd in the session that was needed to learn the track. Used was on wet tires for the complete session. The shifting problem was not completely resolved it was workable - downshifting is ok but still a few miss shifts upshifting. Qualifying was dry again in the afternoon but the wind had picked up considerably making a few fast turns very tricky. Finished the session 23rd again improving by nine seconds.

The race start was delayed due to earlier wet conditions and prior races. This worked in our favour as the weather was now sunny and warmer. Got an ok start but dropped one place by the end of the first lap. Had a good race long battle chasing #97 and had moved up to 21st as a result of some crashed. Unfortunately an error hitting a small bump and losing the front end three laps from home meant joining them for a DNF. Minor damage to the bike and added a few more bumps and bruises to the rider. Disappointing. Flew but back to Canada Monday. At least all exams will be finished before the next EJC Rd 3 at Donington Park.

Congratulations to Kyle Smith on winning the WSS race. 

Support for this round: Statoni Racing
Thanks to Statoni Racing, Bickle Racing, the EJC team, Nicole Lynch Racing, Peter Magowan, Jason & Braedon Ortt, Maria Costello, Jeremy McWilliams and Kyle Smith

Rd 2 race result