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Report: European Junior Cup Training Camp

posted Mar 30, 2016, 6:33 AM by Statoni Racing   [ updated Mar 30, 2016, 11:36 PM ]
Calafat, Spain – 28/29 March 2016

Day 1 - Arrived at Calafat at 09:30 for the 10:00 start. There was an opportunity to meet some of the officials and fellow racers for the first time. The day began with introductions and a track walk with Jeremy McWilliams and Kyle Smith. Next was the race bike allocation by random draw (Stacey got bike 12, hence the number at the camp). This is the bike the racers will keep for the full season. We shared a garage with Theo Clerc (SUI) so being able to speak French was very useful. There were only three twenty minute track sessions each day, split into two groups, A & B. The first two sessions were primarily used to break in the motor (brand new Honda CBR650F motorcycles), learn the track and learn the motorcycle. A total of 24 laps were completed in the three sessions.

Day 2 – There were two morning track sessions and a briefing before lunch. Then it was the official photos session followed by race starting procedure and a couple of race start simulations. The final track session was at 16:00 making a total of 33 laps. The day concluded with bike cleaning, the official group photos, packing for Aragon and some further opportunity to chat with more racers and Maria Costello. There was no official timing for the two days.

With our own timing we estimated to be approximately six seconds off the fastest times. A pretty big gap - however it needs put into context. The majority of the field raced EJC last year (including the 2015 runner up) so already have knowledge of the CBR650F and tracks. They have raced at their home/base locations already this year. Stacey has not been on track for six months (Canadian winter, eh :) ) so zero track time to shake off the winter rust before arriving in Spain. Breaking in the motor, learning the track and getting comfortable on a new bike (with only minor suspension adjustments), in a very competitive series.

All things considered Stacey was happy with the training camp. She improved in every session, making steady progress.

Thanks to the European Junior Cup admin team - Gerry, Susie, Sol, Simon (and the other EJC officials that we still need to learn their names….), Honda Europe, Jeremy, Kyle, Maria, the Ortt family and Statoni Racing Team, which this week is Grant and Jon Cornwell. 

Now onto Aragon ………..  

Check out the 3 min highlight video of the two days on the Stacey Nesbitt #316 You Tube channel