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Stacey invited to join the 2013 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Selection Event at Monteblanco Circuit, Spain, Oct 9-11

posted Sep 15, 2012, 4:09 PM by Statoni Racing   [ updated Oct 18, 2012, 12:12 PM ]
Stacey received exciting news this morning that she has been selected from a large number of applicants to join the 2013 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Selection Event at Monteblanco Circuit, Spain, Oct 9-11.

A big thank you goes out to Lorenzo Vaccarino for providing Stacey his 125GP for the last two RACE regional events. It is a steep learning curve to learn two years of 125GP racing in two weekends! Thanks also to Terry and Eden O'shell, John Bickle and Laird Shingleton for passing on 2 stroke racing tips.

Special thanks again to Powersports Canada, Forensi-Tech Racing, Arlen Ness, R&M Electrical, Pro 6 Cycle, "Sponsored by Darkness" for their involvement in 2012. It would not have been possible without you.
Unfortunately Stacey was not selected and to be honest it was always going to be a tough mission to make one of the final spots. She was up against kids from all over the world and most have been racing these types of bikes for a few years and in various series for this category. With only 15 minutes to learn the short but technical track and motorcycle and then 15 mins in the afternoon for the assessment session, Stacey did well under the circumstances. Although very disappointed to not make the cut to day two it was a great learning experience and an opportunity to make new friends with fellow competitors.

The new guys - 2013 Rookies Cup Selection Monteblanco

The excitement of Aragon's fabulous double race weekend has barely cooled and already we are looking towards the 2013 edition of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and the Selection Event at Monteblanco in Spain on October 9th, 10th and 11th.

Not only is the development of the Rookies version of the Moto3 KTM well in hand and a testing schedule planned but those who will ride the exciting new machine are about to be chosen.

Analysing the long list of online applicants gets more difficult every year but once again the selection committee have parred it down to 106 teenagers who are invited from all over the world to show their skills at Monteblanco. The venue was as always kept secret until the last practical moment and from that time until the event no testing is allowed by applicants.

The circuit offers a variety of layouts that will allow the riders to show their skills on the 125cc Metrakits used for the event. The applicant list is split into two groups with half being on track on the first day and half on the second. The best from each day are invited to ride again on the third day.

At the end of the 3rd day between 10 and 14 riders will be invited to join the 10 to 14 who are staying in the Cup from the 2012 entry. The combination will make up the 24 Rookies that line up for the 2013 season.

The members of the Selection Committee for the event are Gustl Auinger, Harald Bartol, Peter Clifford and Daniel Ribalta.

Invited Applicants

Tomas Cassano, Argentina
Troy Guenther, Australia
Nicholas Liminton, Australia
Tayla Relph, Australia
Olly Simpson, Australia
Lawson Walters, Australia
Kevin Rofner, Austria
Loris Cresson, Belgium
Angelo Licciardi, Belgium
Michael Verbrugghe, Belgium
Tomas Casas, Canada
Stacey Nesbitt, Canada
Eden O'Shell, Canada
Michal  Kolek, Czech Republic
Romana Tomasková, Czech Republic
Angel Daniel Toribio Genao, Dominican Republic
Wayne Reyne Veras Rodriguez,  Dominican Republic
Hannes Soomer, Estonia
Sami Laaksonen, Finland
Felix Nässi, Finland
Robin Anne, France
Maximilien Bau, France
Enzo Boulom, France
Karl Croix, France
Valentin Grimoux, France
Pierre Langlois, France
Corentin Perolari, France
Felix Peron, France
Martin Renaudin, France
Alex Börner, Germany
Philipp Freitag, Germany
Jonas  Geitner, Germany
Michael Gerstacker, Germany
Klaus Heidel, Germany
Nicolai Kraft, Germany
Aris Michail, Germany
Imanuel Putra Pratna, Indonesia
Kevin Arduini, Italy
Axel Bassani, Italy
Enea Bastianini, Italy
Nicolò Jarod Bulega, Italy
Cristiano Carpi, Italy
Matteo Ciprietti, Italy
Riccardo Filippini, Italy
Lorenzo Gabellini, Italy
Andrea Locatelli, Italy
Cecilia Masoni, Italy
Nicodemo Matturro, Italy
Damiano Mencarelli, Italy
Fausto Mincione, Italy
Manuel Pagliani, Italy
Agostino Santoro, Italy
Mario Tocca, Italy
Lorenzo Villamagna, Italy
Yuhta Amano, Japan
Ryuya Kanayama, Japan
Soushi Mihara, Japan
Bo  Bendsneyder, Netherlands
Vasco Van der Valk, Netherlands
Tyler Lincoln, New Zealand
Ammar Khalid, Pakistan
Dominik Stefanowski, Poland
David Ferreira, Portugal
Makar Yurchenko, Russian Federation
Andrea Zanotti, San Marino
Azhar Mohd Noor, Singapore
Blaze Baker, South Africa
Darryn Binder, South Africa
Sylvano De Aguiar, South Africa
Aron Canet, Spain
Ferran Cardus González, Spain
Illan fernandez, Spain
Augusto Fernandez, Spain
Hector Garzo Vicent, Spain
Oscar Gutierrez Iglesias, Spain
Joan Mir Mayrata, Spain
Marc Miralles Gonzalez, Spain
Francesc Perez Casas, Spain
Miquel Pons Payeras, Spain
Borja Quero Martinez, Spain
Gerard Riu Malé, Spain
Daniel Saez Gutierrez, Spain
Bartolomé Sanchez Pérez,  Spain
Sara  Sanchez Tamayo, Spain
David  Sanchis Martinez, Spain
Pedro  Soler Donat, Spain
Jesper Pellijeff, Sweden
Harun Cabuk, Turkey
Toprak Razgatlioglu, Turkey
Callum Bey, United Kingdom
Joe Francis, United Kingdom
Stefan Hill, United Kingdom
Aaron Maxfield, United Kingdom
Conor Parkhill, United Kingdom
Lewis Rollo, United Kingdom
Ross Simpson, United Kingdom
Sam Smith, United Kingdom
Taz Taylor, United Kingdom
Ryan Watson, United Kingdom
Anthony Alonso, United States
Brandon Altmeyer, United States
Alex Caldwell Wisdom, United States
Palmer Kling, United States
Jay Newton, United States
Casey Tobolewski, United States
Jayson Uribe, United States