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Stacey launches Supporters Club to raise funds

posted May 12, 2015, 6:48 PM by Statoni Racing   [ updated Jun 4, 2015, 12:52 PM ]
Partners & Supporters
Stacey does not have the funding needed to complete the full season. She is launching her Supporters Club in an effort to raise finances.

This year will see teenager Stacey Nesbitt step up to the Pro ranks in Canadian road racing. A double race winner and runner up in the 2014 CSBK AM Sportbike championship, the 2014 RACE Superseries AM 600 & AM Superbike champion, she will be the only female on the Canadian Pro grid in 2015.

Stacey is launching her supporter’s club in an effort to raise urgently needed funding. “It is very difficult to attract partners and sponsors” says Stacey. “I am a full time college student which means no regular income to cover the costs. Without support from family, friends, fans and partners/sponsors, I can’t make it onto the race grid. I remain positive and look to the future as I am sure I can progress racing in the Pro ranks.”

This year Stacey plans to compete in the CSBK and RACE series’ and the final round of MotoAmerica. There is also potentially some exciting wild card opportunities overseas!

Now you can get involved and be part of Stacey's team by joining the Stacey Nesbitt Supporter’s Club. Members benefits are listed on the webpage and include prize draws throughout the season

Alternatively please contact us if you interested in partnership opportunities – it is tax deductible.

For more information check out Stacey’s official website at and like her facebook page

Thank you - Stacey #316

Sign up online or sign up with Stacey at any event

$25: Donation
Name featured in Donation section

$50: Donation
Name featured in Donation section
Autographed hero card

$100 and over: Stacey Nesbitt Supporter's Club member
Name featured as Supporters Club Member
Autographed hero card
Membership bumper sticker
Random prize draws throughout the season
Be affiliated with Canada's only female Pro motorcycle road racer

$150: Sponsor race fuel

$200: Sponsor 1 front tire

$250: Stacey's Umbrella Girl or Boy
Here is your chance to be Stacey's Umbrella Girl or Boy at the CSBK event of your choice. This is an amazing experience for anyone wanting to be on the grid moments before a race. Please email us to be sure the event you would like to be a part of. One available per race.
Events are:
- June 14: Calabogie Pro Sport Bike race - Jason Williams
June 14: Calabogie Pro Superbike race - 1 AVAILABLE
June 28: St-Eustache Pro Sport Bike race - 1 AVAILABLE
June 28: St-Eustache Pro Superbike race - 1 AVAILABLE
July 11: Castrol Raceway Pro Sport Bike race 1 (TBC) - 1 AVAILABLE
July 11: Castrol Raceway Pro Superbike race 1 (TBC) - 1 AVAILABLE
July 12: Castrol Raceway Pro Sport Bike race 2 (TBC) - 1 AVAILABLE
July 12: Castrol Raceway Pro Superbike race 2 (TBC) - 1 AVAILABLE
August 2: Atlantic MP Pro Sport Bike race (TBC) - 1 AVAILABLE
- August 2: Atlantic MP Pro Superbike race (TBC) - 1 AVAILABLE
August 15CTMP Sport Bike race 1 - 1 AVAILABLE
August 15CTMP Pro Superbike race 1 1 AVAILABLE
August 16CTMP Pro Sport Bike race 2 - 1 AVAILABLE
August 16CTMP Pro Superbike race 2 - 1 AVAILABLE

$250: Hot Pit Pass
Get up close and personal to the action the CSBK event of your choice. This reward gives you a pass for the weekend that not only will get you into the paddock, but also will grant you hot pit access to Stacey's pit for all CSBK practices, qualifying, and races. For insurance reasons the purchaser of this reward will need to sign on as a CSBK crew member.
Events are:
- June 14: Calabogie - 2 AVAILABLE
June 28: St-Eustache 2 AVAILABLE
July 12: Castrol Raceway (TBC) - 2 AVAILABLE
August 2: Atlantic MP (TBC) - 2 AVAILABLE

$300: Sponsor 1 rear tire

$500: Sponsor 1 tire set

$1000: Sponsor 2 tire sets

$1500: Sponsor 3 tire sets

$2000: Sponsor 4 tire sets

$2500: Sponsor 5 tire sets

$3000: Sponsor 1 race event