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TFR/Suzuki series Rd 5 - ICAR, Mirabel, QC

posted Sep 25, 2010, 9:12 AM by Statoni Racing   [ updated Sep 26, 2010, 3:32 AM ]
Track day: Saturday was a regular track day. For safety, due to the CBR125 slower top end speed, Stacey is usually restricted to the slowest group on track days. The sun was shinning all weekend and there were a lot of bikes in the green group. Although the other bikes (600cc, 1000cc) are faster on the straights, Stacey was soon putting them under pressure in the turns. As the day progressed Stacey steadily improved on her lap times taking advantage of the faster bikes to plan were she would be able to pass. Passing is not allowed in the green groups in the turns, but the CBRs have little choice. By the end of the day the other riders were expecting it and with exception of about five riders, Stacey and Cedric Martineau were fastest in the group. Stacey improved her lap time by 6 seconds from her previous visit in May for round one of the PARTS Canada championship.
Race: With only two CBR125s, Stacey had to again run in the lightweight category. This included a 125 GP bike which is much faster than the CBR125. Stacey and Cedric treated the day as more track time. In the qualifying Stacey was ahead of Cedric by .2 seconds but improving again by another second. Starting the race from second, Stacey got a good start, but Lorenzo on the GP125 made it to turn one first and steadily eased away. Cedric and Stacey had a great race, swapping positions on numerous occassions and keeping the spectators entertained. With three laps to go, Stacey got by Cedric and opened a small gap. Cedric worked his way back, but Stacey was just able to hold him off to the line. Second place was a well deserved result, again improving her laptime by another second. Her fastest lap of the race would have placed her 4th in race one and 6th in race two of the PARTS Canada races back in May. At the podium presentations, both Cedric and Stacey got a a great round of applause for being the youngest competitors of the weekend.